When there is some decay in a tooth, it can spread and damage the whole tooth, so it is very important to clean out the decay and prevent tooth loss. Our objective is to leave as much of the healthy tissue as possible and to be as conservative in our treatment as we can.


Normally before we start the procedure, we gently numb the tooth so the patient is entirely comfortable and doesn’t feel any sensitivity. Then we continue with cleaning out the decay and disinfecting the cavity. We use filling material to restore the original shape and function of the tooth.


Composite is the most commonly used filling material nowadays. It is a resin-based material which is malleable and can be formed according to the tooth anatomy. It is then cured by light to make it hard. This material is entirely biocompatible and has no side effects.


After the completion of a filling, we recommend the patients not eat until the anaesthesia has worn off, since they might inadvertently bite the insides of their cheeks and lips.


Sensitivity can occur some days after the filling. This is no cause for alarm.

Tooth-Colored white filling