Root Canal Treatment


Root canal treatment is the procedure of pulp removal from the tooth roots and the filling of the root canals.


Pulp is the vital part of the tooth that consists of blood vessels and nerves and other soft tissue.


Tooth decay, if not treated early, can expose the nerve and cause sensitivity of the tooth to cold and heat. If this irritation of the nerve continues, severe pain can start, which can worsen if the pulp becomes infected due to necrosis of the vital tissue. At this late stage, the tooth has more pain so that biting on it causes pain to spread to the face, neck and the ear.


The treatment normally involves cleaning away the tooth decay and removing the infected pulp. The root canal will then be disinfected and filled. Finally, the decayed part of the tooth will be restored and capped to prevent fracture of the treated tooth.


During this procedure the tooth becomes numb by dentist and the patient almost doesn’t feel anything.


It is recommended to protect the tooth after root canal treatment by a crown  as the treated tooth gets dry and fragile after losing its vitality and can break easily.