Removable denture
Valplaste felxible denture

The denture is an artificial appliance replacing missing natural teeth. Dentures can be removed from the mouth and need regular maintenance to keep them clean. They normally fit precisely to the ridge and make it possible to again chew the food you love and restore the appearance of your face.


There are two different types of dentures:


Partial dentures are used when we have some missing teeth. They attach to the remaining teeth by wire, tooth-colored clasps or some precision attachments installed on the artificial crowns. They are made of acrylic resin and sometimes the frame is metallic to make it lighter and slim fitting.

we can make Valplast flexible dentures which doesn't have any wire and has pink flexible retainers not to show when you smile.


Full dentures are applied in cases where all the teeth have been lost. These replace the whole dentition in the mouth. After receiving these removable dentures, patients may at first find them awkward and even bulky, but they get used to them very quickly.


We recommend that you initially eat soft food and take small bites of food to get used to these artificial teeth.


As we age, we lose bone volume, especially when we have teeth missing.


As a result, after some years of using removable dentures, the adaptability of dentures and underlying gum tissue is compromised. Some maintenance such as relining and polishing can be done to address this condition.


If you lose most of your bone structure, your dentures might get very loose and the best option to fix them will be an implant supported denture.