Check-up at Sydney dental clinics­­­­­


A check-up is a regular preventative measure to control the health of teeth and gum and stop minor problems from becoming major ones.


We contact our patients every 6 months for such a periodic examination when we can thoroughly and carefully inspect their teeth, gums and oral tissue to ensure these are in the best of health.


At an initial visit, we take care to ask about your medical and dental history and any medication you are taking. These things can have an impact on your dental health, for example, diabetes can affect your gums, or gum disease can have an impact on your heart and certain medications can cause bad breath or dry mouth.


To confirm our clinical findings, we might take some X-rays to make sure there are no hidden issues between the teeth or under the old fillings.


If a female patient is pregnant, we make sure that they inform us before we take any X-rays, so we can prevent from any radiation exposure to the baby. So we either use a lead apron or postpone the X-ray examination.


We complete this periodic check-up by taking some photos of your teeth and gums.


After analysing all the data collected, we discuss everything with you. We carefully explain any treatments needed and the reasons for these.


We show you the X-ray and photo records so you can better understand the reason for our recommendations.


At this time, you also have the opportunity to pose questions or suggestions. We always take all your concerns into account in our treatment planning.


Normally our treatment plans are in 5 phases:


Phase 1 is the emergency phase to stop any pain or discomfort. It might vary from just a simple dressing of sensitive teeth to a pulpotomy (the first visit of nerve treatment), or even the extraction of a painful tooth or just a prescription for some medication.


Phase 2 is the prevention phase. Scaling, cleaning and minor fillings are done at this stage. We also give you oral hygiene instructions and some tips to keep your teeth healthy.


Phase 3 concerns major dental work, if necessary. These treatments could vary from root canal treatment, the extraction of wisdom teeth, to advanced gum treatment.


Phase 4 is replacing any missing teeth, if needed, and restoring the whole dentition to help patients consume a variety of foods for a healthy diet and to maintain sound digestion. This phase includes crown, bridge, denture or implant treatment.


Phase 5 is the cosmetic phase and can be started as soon as the third stage if you don’t need any advanced treatment. Phase 5 treatments can range from tooth whitening to orthodontic treatments to close gaps or align crooked teeth. For a Hollywood smile we can put veneer on your front teeth. This changes the shape and shade of your front teeth.