Do you have crooked teeth? We can be fixed by orthodontic treatment to improve the alignment of your teeth regardless of your age.


We use braces which are metal or ceramic appliances fitted onto the teeth to correct dental or jaw alignment problems.


They exert a gentle constant pressure on the teeth and jaw to move these to the desired position.


Normally the brackets are glued to the tooth surface and a wire sequence is used as engine to move the teeth slowly into the right position.


In most cases we use Damon brackets which are very small, smooth and delicate. The Damon bracket is known as the “Rolls Royce” of braces, as this system is gentle, helps maintain a high standard of oral hygiene, and it is less painful, more comfortable, allows shorter treatment time and requires fewer (if any) extractions.


Traditional brackets used to have elastic O-rings around them to secure the wires inside the brackets. However, the Damon brackets have gates to slide and keep the wire inside so the friction between the wire and the base of the bracket is reduced significantly. This helps the bracket and the teeth to move freely on the wire and align quicker.


The Damon system has clear brackets too for the front upper teeth so they are hardly visible and less noticeable.


With every orthodontic treatment we do a full analysis of the patient’s X-rays and profile and we focus on non-extraction orthodontics as much as possible. Only if the face profile is too full, do we recommend extraction.


A strict oral hygiene is necessary during orthodontic treatment as you get more food stuck between your teeth. The food needs to be removed after each meal to make sure you don’t get any tooth damage or gum disease. You need to keep your teeth and periodontal tissue healthy until the braces are removed.


After orthodontic treatment retention is very important. We glue fixed wire permanently behind the front teeth and give you a plastic retainer to wear at night to hold the teeth in their final position.