Braces, Implant, Sydney emergency dentist

Dr. Mortaza Fayyazi Moghadam

( Dr Martin)


I graduated  dentistry in 1996 and have been practicing as a general dentist since then.


I am here to offer you the very best in treatments and service, giving you a smile that you will be proud to show off! I am also very keen on helping you to keep your smile beautiful and my excellent oral hygiene program forms the basis of the practice philosophy. I deeply believe that prevention is better than cure, and we wouldn't be surprised if our patients have the healthiest smiles.

As well as being a cosmetic practice we are also a general dentist too and we offer a full range of treatments. Crowns, bridges, root canal treatment, composite and porcelain fillings are done to the highest standards. Many patients and indeed dentists attend our practice for their routine dental requirements. Everyone coming for care to our practice has a full and thorough dental examination.

I enjoy doing orthodontics treatment from braces to invisalign clear aligners and implant teeth replacement as well.


The key to retaining teeth for life is the health of the gums. Our hygienists are superbly trained in helping patients achieve this. People coming to the practice have their gums thoroughly examined as part of our dental examination and a program is developed, tailor-made for them to achieve optimal oral health.

Dr Nasir Hasanzadeh

Maintaining one’s dental health is as integral as any other aspect of our well-being. For nearly nine years, I have treated people as I would want to be treated, with respect and honesty. I always educate my patients on guidelines to maintaining their oral health. I care for our patients, and always strive to provide them with different treatment options.

I graduated from Mashad Medical University in 2004 (Iran) with a Doctoral Degree in Dentistry ranking in the top 3% of my class. In 2011, I moved to Australia and passed the Australian Dental Council examinations on my first attempt and after working in different areas of NSW, joined the team at Sydney Dental Clinics.

Continuing education is a big part of my professional life. I use the knowledge I gain to stay current with technology and provide optimal dentistry for my patients. The topics of courses I attend range from new dental materials to new methods of treatment, and from medications to emergency treatment and implants.

I have extensive experience in all aspects of general dental care particularly restorative and endodontics, fixed prosthodontics and dental surgeries. I enjoy positively influencing people’s health and their attitude toward dentistry in general, and believe in careful, conservative and long lasting dental care.

Our team is a diverse group of young, experienced and vibrant professionals  who are all here because they believe in the same goals. They have different perspectives and are all eager to answer questions regarding oral health care. They are well educated and knowledgeable in many aspects of dentistry.

Some dental advice I give my patients is to think of your teeth as an irreplaceable vehicle. If you change the oil and tune it regularly, it will run smoothly. Your teeth will give you fewer problems and cost you less in the long run with regular maintenance!

Dr Nasir Hasanzadeh's interests include Cosmetic Dentistry and endodontics.


Dr Jack Stoch has been in private practice for 35 years.
He owned and managed 2 practices, one in the Sydney CBD and the other on the North Shore. Both practices grew under his guidance. 

Dr Stoch has always shown interest in updating his knowledge and expertise. He allocates a lot  of time to continuing education.  He has a particular interest in all aspects of Cosmetic treatment ( veneers, bonding, crowns ), Fast Adult Orthodontics, as well as Implants.

Dr Stoch’s philosophy is the total caring and comfort of his patients in a safe environment, coupled with patient education. He places a strong emphasis on preventative care which minimises complex treatment.










Dr Oliver Colman  -  BDS, BSc, 

Qualifications Dental Implants, Laser Dentistry, a range of cosmetic procedures. 

We committed ourselves to provide the highest quality in our dental services and continuously update our knowledge and equipment for our patient benefit and convenience. Our latest achievement is 3D digital scanning for dental impression and we can create invisalign simulation in minutes to predict the treatment outcome on the spot.